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IDENTIFY                      Repetitive thought patterns which create

                                      limiting tensions in your body


UNDERSTAND             How these Mind/Body habits prevent you                                         from being in your Optimal Mind/Body                                             Relationship with your Art Form


REDIRECT                     Your thought patterns


RELEASE                       Physical tensions and postural habits


FREE AND DIRECT      Your Energy to be used in a                                                                   Compassionate, Powerful, Productive                                               Relationship in Your Creative Process and                                         with the Artists with whom you perform

Upcoming Events

Mar 18, 2018

Chelsea Studio / Manhattan 

J&J Rhythm Camp

Dance Relationships: Habits of the Heart

Nov 26, 2017

Chelsea Studio / Manhattan

​J&J Rhythm Dance Camp

Chelsea Studios Manhattan

10-11 AM


Sep 10, 2017

Chelsea Studio / Manhattan

Introductory Workshop to the Methods of Psychotherapy for The Performing Artist

J&J Rhythm Dance Camp with World Rhythm Champions Jose DeCamps &  Joanna Zacharewicz 

Strictly Rhythm (Group)

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Other Clinical Services

Individual Sessions Treating:

- Anxiety and Depression

- Attachment (Repetitive) Relationship Issues

- Trauma Recovery

- Grief Counseling

- Life Transition Challenges

Psychotherapy for the Performing Artist

My Private Clinical Practice in Central Manhattan has a new focus to help Dancers, Actors and Singers reach their Full Artistic Potential. I guide the Mind/Body through a growth process that fosters an enhanced awareness of past and current mental and physical patterns of emotions, bodily responses and behaviors that impact performance.


Understanding how one's thoughts, genetics, and past experiences connect to current emotional/physical states can support Professional Growth in your Art Form and Personal Growth in Relationship with Yourself and Others with Whom You Perform.


The Psychic Dance -

          How you Move Shapes How You Think

                     How You Think Shapes How You Move...



Nikolai Shpakov

Ballroom Dance Professional

Diana Knight is an intuitive dancer in every aspect: technically, physically and emotionally. In the four years that I have danced with her as her coach and partner, Diana’s progress has been measurable and impressive. She is a fiercely committed and focused student who channels her unique point of view and personal identity into the expression of the dance. Her emphasis on the mind/body connection makes her a stand-out among her peers and is no doubt the secret to her success and continued growth as a competitor and performer.


I began teaching Workshops with Diana Knight starting in 1986. She is an astute, inspiring, illuminating movement teacher, as well as a deft, sensitive, and enlightening psychotherapist.


As a teacher and therapist Diana has the seasoned training and magnetic ability to help her clients work with their minds and physical bodies as a way to facilitate their creative processes.


Diana has an exceptional ability to analyze body movement patterns and postures. In this way she helps her clients become more aware of how their conscious and unconscious thought processes are generated, and influenced by the ways that they physically move through the world. Clients learn to use their bodies as a means of improving their awareness of patterns in their thinking. In this way one is inspired to gain further access to the insights that deepen and enhance creativity.

Cassandra Medley

Playwright and Professor of Playwriting

Sarah Lawrence College and New Federal Theatre


Contact Diana G. Knight at

908-578-4349 //


Diana G. Knight is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Twenty Years of Experience.  She has Private Practices both in New Jersey and in Midtown Manhattan at The Center for Optimal Performance.


An Equity Actress and Recipient of the Greer Garson Award for Excellence in Acting, Ms Knight brings a wealth of performance and training experience to her Clinical Services.  Her Artistic Journey continues to this day as she studies and competes in International Latin Dance. 


Her teaching skills were honed as a Professor of Movement and Acting at Trinity University.  Coupled with her Certification as a Developmental Somatic Psychotherapist, Ms. Knight has a profound depth of knowledge of the Workings of the Body/Mind and the Impact of these Factors on Artistic Performance.

Diana Knight is a masterful clinician known for her work with adult clients with trauma and more recently, with individuals working in the performing arts. Her background in acting and dance inform a comprehensive, holistic approach to psychotherapy that attends to the emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioral aspects of her clients’ lives. She is a consummate listener and skilled observer blending traditional psychotherapy techniques with her certification in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy. Her applied knowledge of the interactions of emotional and mental health on physiological health offers her clients an alternative approach to traditional talk therapies.

Performing artists are vulnerable to unique life stressors due to auditions, practice and performance schedules, pressure to provide perfection in their chosen art on a daily basis, and must often work through physical injuries or psychological trauma. Finding a psychotherapist who understands the uniqueness of work and task demands can be challenging. Diana has the rare combination of personal background and skills to address the particular needs of working performers.

I have known her for over 20 years and can attest to her compassion, insight, and attentiveness – a truly mindful practitioner who works to optimize wellness.

Meryl Marger Picard


I can say without exaggeration that I knew Diana Knight to be one of the most gifted actors working in New York in the 1980s. She has a rare talent, which was evident to everyone who witnessed her ability to bring to life the emotional truths of the characters she played. As someone who was fortunate enough to work with her, though, I saw that she took nothing for granted, never resting on talent alone. Rather, talent was a seed to be nurtured with her powerful work ethic, great attention to detail, and extraordinary compassion and humanity.

Andrea Wolper

Vocalist, Songwriter, Teacher


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